All shops have three options:

1. Direct dispatch    2. Stock holding or    3. Both, DD and SH

Direct Dispatch (DD):

You place the order online through this website and checkout using your trade discount. We then send the order to your customer on your behalf. If you have 5 orders for 5 different people, then you will need to order and check out 5 individual times. You can not combine all 5 onto one order, or they will all be sent to that one address. 

Additional options for 'direct dispatch':

Your order will be sent direct to your customer, we can include your business cards and literature if required. The return address will be your business address. If you require gift wrapping, we ask you to supply your own papers and tags. We do charge for this service of 75p per item - if you wish for us to use our papers and tags, then we charge £1.50 per item. Please be clear this is not per order, but per item.

Stock Holding (SH):

You place an order online through this website and checkout using your trade discount. We will then make, pack and post the entire order direct to you.


There are no postal costs to any shop. We operate a free delivery. Your order will come via Royal Mail 1st Class post or by Interlink Express Next Day Delivery. This is decided by weight or by order value. 

If you are based in Norfolk (UK) then your order may be delivered by a member of our team directly to you. If you are located near to Walsingham then I can quite guarantee your order will be hand delivered. 

Making Time:

We ask for 1-10 days for every order. The majority of all DD orders are sent within 3 working days. Currently small DD orders are on a same day or next day turnaround. Larger orders may take longer. Once your order has been received if you wish you can contact us to request a delivery date. 

Sale or Return:

This is only offered to large shops like Shrine shops or large Cathedral Shops only. This is also limited to certain items that are not personalised. 


We are happy to send you a sample to show the quality of our work. If you require samples after this - then we ask you to purchase with your discount code and once you place an order, we then refund you the sample cost. We allow one sample from each range.

Paper Catalogue:

We do have paper catalogues that we are happy to send to you. This is free of charge and when updated we will automatically send you the newest edition. We always try to be paper friendly and offer an online catalogue too.